Chasing Hope

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Book Cover: Chasing Hope
Part of the Harper Family series:

The Harper Family Series, Book Two
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Justin Harper married the girl he loved with dreams of a house full of kids and love. But when that didn’t become a reality, their relationship strained. The tension builds until they bubble over, angry words are flung, and he moves out.

But beneath all the anger, he's still in love with the woman he married. Is there any way to get the old Maddie back?

Maddie Harper has always dreamed of a big family after growing up an only child. When her marriage with Justin collapses, she knows she has to take a tough look at herself or risk losing her chance at forever.

When Justin wages a campaign to reignite the flame that has died out, Maddie remembers the person she once was. But underneath their newfound love, both have reservations. Justin worries he'll never be enough for her unless he can give her another child and Maddie knows if she can't let go of that dream, she'll also have to let Justin go—forever.

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