Friday Reads – Love in a Sandstorm

I haven’t done a #fridayreads post in a while. Or what’s on my Kindle. Well, I’ll kill two birds with one stone here.

One of my favorite authors is Zoe York. She combines some of my favorite aspects of romance novels all in one – strong military heroes, small town romance, flawed characters. All of these are the hallmark of our hero Sean in Love In A Sandstorm.

The reader follows Sean’s journey back from a devastating injury, interspersed with flashbacks of Sean falling in love with midwife Jenna. This whirlwind romance collides with real life when Sean finds himself injured and Jenna turns up on his doorstep at home in Pine Harbour. While Sean leans to cope with his new normal, he falls in love with Jenna all over again. Meanwhile, Jenna’s patience, shored up by some great girl time with some of our Pine Harbour favorites, helps see Sean through.

I started reading this book when I knew I didn’t have time to finish, stayed up WAY too late reading until my eyelids were drooping, and got nothing done the next day while I finished. This book left me reeling and I spent the rest of the day recovering from the emotional impact Sean and Jenna’s story had on me.

I’d recommend Love In a Sandstorm to anyone who loves military heroes, small town romance, or emotionally-gripping and satisfying love stories. Pick it up at your favorite retailer!!

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