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Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey in my last newsletter! The information is really helpful to me as I make decisions about my next year. Here are a summary of some of the answers:

How did you first discover my books?
51% – Book Promotion or Newsletter
14.3% – Facebook
12.9% – Recommendation from another author
9.5% – Amazon
12.3% – Other
How do you most often prefer to read? 
76.2% – Amazon
10.9% – Print
4.8% – iBooks
4.1% – Nook
1.4% – Kobo
2.7% – Google Play
How many of my books have you read?
52.4% – 0 books
19% – 1 book
13.6% – 2 books
7.5% – 3 books
2.7% – 4 books
4.8% – ALL books!
How would you say my books make you feel?
What if anything has stopped you from purchasing more of my books?
41.5% – I wait to get them for free or on sale
67.3% – I can’t afford to buy as many books as I’d like

I appreciate everyone who took the time to complete the survey. As expected, many of you are voracious readers and have an eReader full of books. I’m the same way! But what can I get you to do to give my books a shot? If you’re on my newsletter, you’ve downloaded a copy of Last Call. It’s a short read – just a couple of hours. I want to challenge each of you to carve out a little time to read the prequel to my Oak Grove series. One you have, come back here and post a comment about your favorite part of the book!

Wanna know who won the giveaways? Check out my newsletter on Thursday, August 24th

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